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Class-9th (Science) Olympiad | CANSO

Class-9th (Science) Olympiad - CANSO

Section Numbers Section Name Explanation Topics Numbers of Questions
01 Science The objective of this section is to evaluate the child’s knowledge in his environment and activities in His observations. Matter In Our Surrounding, Is Matter Around Us Pure, Atoms And Molecules, Structure of the Atom, The Fundamental Unit Of Life, Motion, Force And Laws Of Motion, Gravitation, Work And Energy, Sound, Why Do We Fall Ill, Improvement in food Resources. 35
02 Logical Thinking This section checks the ability of students in verbal and Non-verbal Thinking. Direction sense test, Blood Relations, Figure Patters, Classification, Analogy, Figure matching, Alphabet test, Coding/Decoding, Mirror images, Embedded Figures, Date and Time, Geometrical shapes. 10
03 High Order Thinking (HOT) In this Section questions are asked which need High order thinking to solve them. In this Section Questions are asked from the topics of Section-1 of High Order Thinking. 05
Total 50