Class-9th (Logical Reasoning) Olympiad - CANLR

Section Numbers Section Name Explanation Topics Numbers of Questions
01 Verbal Reasoning This section Checks the Verbal and skills of the students. Similarity of pairs, series test, odd one out, letter insertion, logical word formation, mathematical reasoning, puzzle test, ranking, direction sense test, clock and calendar, Venn diagrams, blood relations. 30
02 Non-verbal reasoning This section Checks the Non-verbal skills of the students Similarity of pairs, series test, odd one out, mirror and water images, cubes and dices, paper folding and paper cutting, dot position in figures, counting of figures. 15
03 High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) In this Section questions are asked which need High order thinking to solve. In this Section Questions are asked from the topics of
Section-1 and 2
Total 50