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Class-9th (English) Olympiad | CANEO

Class-9th (English) Olympiad - CANEO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Section-1-Basic Structure

Instruction: (1-2)Fill in the blank with suitable Collective Noun.

Q.1- The dance ____________ is rehearsing in the studio.

(a) squad

(b) colony

(c) band

(d) troupe

Q.2-  A ___________of musicians performed at the concert.

(a) gang

(b) band

(c) army

(d) pack

Instruction:(3-4)Choose the appropriate subordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

Q.3- She is going to finish her novel ________________ it takes her the whole night.

(a) although

(b) even if

(c) so that

(d) unless

Q.4- ___________ Sangeeta was talking on the phone, her son was making a mess in the room.

(a) Unless

(b) Although

(c) While

(d) Because

Instruction:(5-6)Complete the following simile by choosing the correct word.

Q.5- There are so many advertisements discouraging people from smoking like a ______________ and yet the cigarette sales never go down.

(a) pipe

(b) chimney

(c) fire

(d) candle

Q.6- I was the only one who went to the party in fancy dress and I stood out like a ____________ thumb.

(a) bruised

(b) swollen

(c) sore

(d) painful


Instruction: Passage is followed by five questions. Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows. For each question four probable answer bearing letters (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given. Only one out of these is correct. You have to choose the correct answer and indicate your correct response.

Long ago, a large redwood tree, which was very tall, stood in the forest. “Why am I here?” the redwood asked. But sadly no one heard him. The redwood tree stood there for many more years. It had green needle like leaves, and it was green all year. That is why the birds liked the tree. And they grew up and had babies. They all lived in that redwood tree.

About two hundred bird families called it a home. At sundown the sound of nesting birds was so loud that deer couldn’t rub their backs on the tree’s trunk. The bird noises hurt their ears.

One day the tree asked the same question he had asked for all those years. “Why am I here? I wish someone would cut me down and build ten homes with my wood. Them I would be good for something.”

A black bird heard the tree. She flew up from the ground to the tip of the top telling all the other birds, “Our tree wants to leave the forest. Our tree does not think he is doing good things. All together let us tell the tree.” They said, “Today you are two hundred homes not ten homes but twenty times ten! You are home for all of us. Please don’t leave the forest.” That day the tree was happy to find out why he was there.

Q.7- How does the redwood tree feel at the end of the story?

(a) Angry

(b) Happy

(c) Afraid

(d) Funny

Q.8- The writer wrote this story mainly to-

(a) tell why the redwood trees are important to the forest

(b) make people buy redwood trees to build houses

(c) make birds happy

(d) tell facts about why redwood trees are unhappy

Q.9- ‘From the ground to the tip of the top’ means-

(a) under the tree

(b) from the ground to the middle of the tree

(c) from the ground to the topmost part of the tree

(d) from the middle to the topmost part of the tree

Q.10- The tree was sad because-

(a) it was lonely in the forest

(b) it wanted its wood to be made into homes

(c) the deer rubbed its back against the tree

(d) the birds noises hurt its ears

Q.11- Birds liked the redwood tree because-

(a) they could eat its seeds and sit on its branches

(b) it was green all year round and had needle like leaves

(c) they could live close to the ground

(d) they could live near the top

Section-3- Writing and Speaking:

Instruction:(12-13)Mark the most appropriate word for the given descriptions.

Q.12- List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting.

(a) Schedule

(b) Timetable

(c) Agenda

(d) Plan

Q.13- A person who knows many foreign languages.

(a) Linguist

(b) Grammarian

(c) Polyglot

(d) Bilingual

Q.14- If you’re having company for dinner, try to get as much done in advance as possible. _________ , set the table the day before.

(a) Moreover

(b) In contrast

(c) Similarly

(d) For instance


Section-4- High Order Thinking (HOT):


Instruction: Select the most appropriate answer for the following.

Q.15- Which word would describe the way you’d feel if you found yourself in a ridiculous situation?


(a) Absurd

(b) Vivid

(c) Nondescript

(d) Vindictive