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Class-7th (Science) Olympiad | CANSO

Class-7th (Science) Olympiad - CANSO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.


Q.1 Plants are able to make their food using raw materials available in the surroundings. This makes plants

  • (a) autotrophic
  • (b) heterotrophic
  • (c) phototrophic
  • (d) geotrophic

Q.2 A Leaves are referred to as the kitchen of the plant or its food factory as manufacture of food occurs here. This kitchen or food factory has to be supplied with raw materials like:

  • (a) carbon dioxide.
  • (b) water
  • (c) minerals
  • (d) all of these

Q.3 Roots absorb water and minerals from the soil for the plants. These must reach the leaves for photosynthesis. This function is performed by:

  • (a) pipes
  • (b) phloem
  • (c) bark
  • (d) xylem

Q.4 Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms in the form of food prepared by plants. This is done by the process of photosynthesis which also produces:

  • (a) oxygen
  • (b) carbon dioxide
  • (c) water
  • (d) minerals

Q.5 Which of the following food components are needed in small quantities?

  • (a) Proteins
  • (b) Vitamins
  • (c) Fats
  • (d) Carbohydrates

Q.6 A runner participating in a race takes some glucose just before the race begins. This means that glucose:

  • (a) makes running easier
  • (b) builds muscles instantly
  • (c) gives energy instantly
  • (d) stops sweating of the body

Q.7 A particular brand claimed that their car has the highest speed. This means that this car

  • (a) will cover a given distance in shorter time as compared to other cars.
  • (b) will cover a larger distance in a given time as compared to other cars.
  • (c) will use less fuel in covering a particular distance.
  • (d) both‘a’and‘b’.

Q.8 The average speed of a vehicle can be determined by:

  • (a) finding the total distance covered
  • (b) finding the total time covered.
  • (c) the speedometer of the vehicle
  • (d) all of these

Q.9 Light and Sound are:

  • (a) forms of work.
  • (b) forms of energy.
  • (c) forms of renewable energy
  • (d) forms of levers.

Q.10 We are able to see the green colour of the leaves of plants because:

  • (a) leaves absorb green light.
  • (b) leaves bounce back green light.
  • (c) leaves scatter light.
  • (d) leaves disperse green light.

Section-2-logical Thinking:

Q.11 Find out the wrong number from the given series

5, 27, 61, 122, 213, 340, 509

  • (a) 27
  • (b) 61
  • (c) 122
  • (d) 509

Q.12 In the following questions, find the odd word from the given alternatives.

  • (a) Chop
  • (b) Slit
  • (c) Chirp
  • (d) Slice

Q.13 In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.

  • (a) 8 -11
  • (b) 1- 4
  • (c) 7-10
  • (d) 3 - 5

Section-3 High Order Thinking (HOT)

Q.14 A device used to test whether an object is carrying charge or not is called ______________.

  • (a) Electrometer
  • (b) Charge meter
  • (c) Electroscope
  • (d) Chargoscope

Q.15 During a thunderstorm which action may be done?

  • (a) Using Telephone having cord
  • (b) Switching on / off electric lights
  • (c) Using a mobile phone
  • (d) None of the above