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Class-6th (Science) Olympiad | CANSO

Class-6th (Science) Olympiad - CANSO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.


Q.1 A runner participating in a race takes some glucose just before the race begins. This means that glucose

  • (a) makes running easier
  • (b) builds muscles instantly
  • (c) gives energy instantly
  • (d) stops sweating of the body

Q.2 The eggs of fish are called:

  • (a) larva
  • (b) pupa
  • (c) spawn
  • (d) cocoon

Q.3 Which of the following is a rich stored source of protein?

  • (a) Wheat
  • (b) Pulses
  • (c) Meat
  • (d) Both (b) and (c)

Q.4 Which country is credited with the discovery of silk?

  • (a) England
  • (b) USA
  • (c) India
  • (d) China

Q.5 Cotton is a preferred fabric for summers. This is so because:

  • (a) it absorbs sweat.
  • (b) it does not stick to the skin.
  • (c) it allows free circulation of air and for heat to escape easily.
  • (d) all of these.

Q.6 The part of the leaf by which it is attached to the stem is called

  • (a) lamina
  • (b) midrib
  • (c) mid vein
  • (d) petiole

Q.7 Which of these has a modified stem to store food?

  • (a) sweet potato
  • (b) carrot
  • (c) turnip
  • (d) ginger

Q.8 Light and Sound are:

  • (a) forms of work
  • (b) forms of energy
  • (c) forms of renewable energy
  • (d) forms of levers

Q.9 Which one of these is not an electromagnetic radiation?

  • (a) light
  • (b) radio waves
  • (c) microwaves
  • (d) none of these

Q.10 Which of the following statement is correct?

  • (a) The vehicle which covers one km in the shortest time has the highest speed.
  • (b) The vehicle which covers maximum distance in 30 minutes has the highest speed.
  • (c) A vehicle which moves faster has higher speed.
  • (d) all of these

Section-2 logical Thinking:

Q.11 In the following question, select the odd word pair from the given alternatives.

  • (a) Hanger:Aeroplane
  • (b) Yard:Train
  • (c) Depot:Bus
  • (d) Scooter:Garage

Q.12 Ramakant walks North-wards. After a while he turns to his right and a little further to his left. Finally, after walking a distance of one kilometer, he turns to his left again. In which direction is he moving now?

  • (a) North
  • (b) South
  • (c) East
  • (d) West

Q.13 In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three responses.

  • (a) Square
  • (b) Equilateral Triangle
  • (c) Rhombus
  • (d) Right Angle Triangle

Section-3 High Order Thinking (HOT)

Q.14 A pond was found to be covered completely by alga. This was called a bad sign for the pond by some local environmentalists.

This is because

  • (a) the algal bloom grows in polluted water.
  • (b) the aquatic life is destroyed due to the presence of algae.
  • (c) the algal covering blocks all the light from reaching the aquatic plants and animals.
  • (d) all of these.

Q.15 Which one of the following is not a social insect?

  • (a) honey bee
  • (b) wasps
  • (c) ants
  • (d) butterfly