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Class-6th (English) Olympiad | CANEO

Class-6th (English) Olympiad - CANEO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Section-1-Basic Structure

Instruction: (1-3)Fill in the blank with the suitable Adverb from the given options:

Q.1 Let’s walk _______________ , I don’t want to be the first one at the meeting.

  • (a) quickly
  • (b) slowly
  • (c) suddenly
  • (d) carefully

Q.2 I am so busy these days that I _______________ exercise. get any time to

  • (a) probably
  • (b) suddenly
  • (c) hardly
  • (d) usually

Q.3 You can _______________ find a word’s meaning in a dictionary.

  • (a) rarely
  • (b) nearly
  • (c) always
  • (d) ever

Instruction: Fill in the blank with the suitable Compound Preposition from the given options:

Q.4 I took my wallet _____________ the purse to pay the bill.

  • (a) next to
  • (b) along with
  • (c) aside from
  • (d) out of

Instruction: Fill in the blank with the suitable Compound Preposition from the given options:

Q.5 Are you working ______________ this computer?

  • (a) on
  • (b) in
  • (c) to
  • (d) from

Instruction: Read the sentence below and choose which Figurative Language is being used.

Q.6 “His head was so full of ideas that it was ready to burst wide open.”

  • (a) simile
  • (b) metaphor
  • (c) hyperbole
  • (d) personification


Guwahati: Two tiger cubs born at Orang National Park in May, have brought smiles back on the faces of conservationists at a time when big cat numbers are depleting fast in India.Forest quards reported sighting the cubs at Hazarbigha and Kasoumari in the 78-8 sq. km park, about 150 kms from here several times in the last 12 days. “They are healthy and we saw them frolicking,” a guard said.The births have not only brought jubilation to forest officials and tiger conservationists, but also instilled hopes of tiger conservation at Orang, located on the northern bank at the Brahmaputra, about 60 km from Kaziranga National Park.According to the latest camera-trapping count by Aaranyak, Orang has about 14 tigers. However, the park (also a rhino bearing area in the state) lost at least 15 big cats between 2005 and August 2009, mostly due to poisoning by villagers.Mangaldoi divisional forest officer Sushil Kumar Daila said patrolling and monitoring have been intensified to curb retaliatory killing of tigers in the fringes. ‘Since then, no new tiger deaths have been reported from Orang. We have restricted the number of visitors to bring down the level of disturbance,” Daila said. [From Times of India]

Q.7 Choose a suitable title for this report.

  • (a) Patrolling of Orang National Park
  • (b) Jubilation at Orang National Park
  • (c) Restriction of visitors at Orang National Park
  • (d) Tiger deaths in Orang National Park

Q.8 Which incident of Orang National Park has made the conservationists happy?

  • (a) birth of two new tiger cubs in the park
  • (b) presence of 14 tigers in the park
  • (c) patrolling & monitoring in the park
  • (d) health of tigers in the park

Q.9 Who reported sighting the cubs?

  • (a) visitors
  • (b) conservationists
  • (c) forest officer
  • (d) forest guards

Q.10 Where is Orang National Park situated?

  • (a) northern bank of Brahmaputra river
  • (b) 60 kms from Kaziranga National Park
  • (c) both options a & b
  • (d) none of these

Q.11 How many tigers are there currently at Orang National Park?

  • (a) 2 tigers
  • (b) 14 tigers
  • (c) 15 tigers
  • (d) 1 tiger

Section-3- Writing and Speaking:

Instruction: Choose the correct negative prefixes to complete the sentences.

Q.12 The location of the treasure was ____________ to the pirates.

  • (a) unknown
  • (b) disknown
  • (c) misknown
  • (d) inknown

Instruction: Read the instructions and choose the correct suffixes.

Q.13 Evelyn made a beautiful flower _______________ with ferns and petals.

  • (a) achievement
  • (b) acquirement
  • (c) appointment
  • (d) arrangement

Instruction: Read the sentence in passive voice and choose an appropriate active voice option.

Q.14 This tie must not be ironed.

  • (a) Nobody must iron this tie.
  • (b) You mustn’t iron this tie.
  • (c) You better not iron this tie.
  • (d) You must be not ironing this tie.

Section-4- High Order Thinking (HOT):

Instruction: The sentence given below has been broken into 4 parts(1/2/3/4).Find out the part which has an error. If there is no error, the answer is (4) (ignore errors of Punctuation, if any).

Q.15 The amount(1) /of accidents is(2)/steadily increasing(3) / No error(4)

  • (a) 1
  • (b) 2
  • (c) 3
  • (d) 4