Class-5th (Logical Reasoning) Olympiad - CANLR

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Q.1 If the pattern continues, what letter is in the 99th position ?

  • (a) C
  • (b) B
  • (c) A
  • (d) Can’t be determined

Q.2 Pointing to a woman, I said, “She is the mother of my father’s sister”. How is that woman related to me?

  • (a) Mother
  • (b) Daughter
  • (c) Sister
  • (d) Grandmother

Q.3 Odometer is to mileage as compass is to _________________?

  • (a) Hiking
  • (b) Needle
  • (c) Direction
  • (d) Speed

Q.4 Ruhi is moving towards North. She takes right turn. After this , she takes right turn. In which direction, she is moving now?

  • (a) South
  • (b) North
  • (c) West
  • (d) East

Q.5 Arrange the given words as they are arranged in the dictionary.

1. Land 2. Lamp 3. Landscape 4. Lantern

  • (a) 2,1,4,3
  • (b) 2,1,3,4
  • (c) 1,2,3,4
  • (d) 1,3,4,2

Q.6 If you write down all the numbers from 1 to 100, then how many times do you write 3?

  • (a) 11
  • (b) 18
  • (c) 20
  • (d) 21

Q.7 Four friends in the sixth grade were sharing a pizza. They decided that the oldest friend would get the extra piece. Roshni is two months older than Garima, who is three months younger than Niya. Karisma is one month older than Garima. Who should get the extra piece of pizza?

  • (a) Garima
  • (b) Niya
  • (c) Karisma
  • (d) Roshni

Q.8 Instruction: A blacksmith has three iron articles A, B and C, each having a different weight.

A weighs twice as much as C.

B weighs half as much as C.

Which of the following represents the descending order of weighs of the articles?

  • (a) A, B, C
  • (b) B, A, C
  • (c) A, C, B
  • (d) C, A, B

Q.9 Megha and Risha are sisters. Nishant and Harsh are brothers. Megha is the mother of Nishant. How is Risha related to Harsh?

  • (a) Aunt
  • (b) Mother
  • (c) Grandmother
  • (d) Sister

Q.10 Among the four girls, Sanchi is taller than Trishu and Sidak is taller than Mini. If Trishu is taller than Sidak, then who is the tallest?

  • (a) Sanchi
  • (b) Trishu
  • (c) Mini
  • (d) Sidak

Q.11 Instruction:

In the given question, group the given figures into three classes using each figure only once.

  • (a) 1,4; 2,3; 5,6
  • (b) 1,5 ; 2,6 ; 4,3
  • (c) 1,6; 2,3; 4,5
  • (d) 1,2 ; 3,6 ; 4,5

Q.12 Which of the following figures below does not have a line of symmetry ?

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)

Q.13 Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between Women, Mothers and Engineers ?

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)

Q.14 Instruction:

Find the mirror image of each of given figure (X).

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)

Q.15 Instruction:

One problem figure is followed by four options. In one of the options, the figure of the problem figure is embedded/hidden. Find the option.

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)