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Class-5th (English) Olympiad | CANEO

Class-5th (English) Olympiad - CANEO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Section-1-Basic Structure

Instruction:(1-3)Choose the underlined noun.

Q.1 The king punished his minister.

  • (a) Proper Noun
  • (b) Common Noun
  • (c) Collective Noun
  • (d) Material Noun

Q.2 She had thrown all the food.

  • (a) Proper Noun
  • (b) Common Noun
  • (c) Collective Noun
  • (d) Material Noun

Q.3 He should have controlled his anger. The underlined noun is a

  • (a) Common Noun
  • (b) Abstract Noun
  • (c) Material Noun
  • (d) Proper Noun

Instruction:(4-6)Choose the most appropriate preposition to fill in the blanks.

Q.4 I am ready to say this _____ her face.

  • (a) on
  • (b) at
  • (c) to
  • (d) in

Q.5 He always does work ____ time.

  • (a) in
  • (b) by
  • (c) with
  • (d) at

Q.6 She will have been married _____ now.

  • (a) till
  • (b) by
  • (c) for
  • (d) as

खण्ड-ब- पठन कौशल:

Instruction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

The four divisions of the army went in four directions. Those that had gone to the North, East and West returned after a month. They said that, though they have searched every inch of the land they had passed. Sita was no where to be found. The army that was sent to the South was headed by Hanuman—the monkey, Jambuvant—the bear and Angad—the son of Bali. Hanuman carried Rama’s gift—his ring for Sita. For many weary days, they travelled through various countries and forests, but without success. They were afraid of returning empty-handed. Angad said, ‘In this search for Sita, we will lose our lives just as Jatayu has done before us.

Q.7 The army which went to South searched in every country and forest-

  • (a) but without success
  • (b) and met Sita
  • (c) and came back without meeting Sita
  • (d) and met Sita and return back with her

Q.8 Who carried Rama’s ring to Sita?

  • (a) Angad
  • (b) Jatayu
  • (c) Hanuman
  • (d) Jambuvant

Q.9 The army that was sent to South was led by-

  • (a) Hanuman—the monkey
  • (b) Angad—the son of Bali
  • (c) dambuvant—the bear
  • (d) All of the above

Q.10 Angad was the son of-

  • (a) Jambuvant—the bear
  • (b) Jatayu
  • (c) Rama
  • (d) Bali

Q.11 The four divisions of the army-

  • (a) went to attack on Lanka
  • (b) went to forest
  • (c) went in search of Sita in four different directions
  • (d) were headed by Hanuman—the monkey

Section-3- Writing and Speaking:

Instruction : (12-14) Fill in the blank with the appropriate words. Your options are- Say/Tell/Speak/Talk.

Q.12 My father says that you must always _____________ the truth, and never lie.

  • (a) say
  • (b) tell
  • (c) speak
  • (d) talk

Q.13 When you meet your uncle, please _____________ hello to him.

  • (a) say
  • (b) tell
  • (c) speak
  • (d) talk

Q.14 If you have a problem, please _____________ to me about it. I am sure we can resolve it.

  • (a) say
  • (b) tell
  • (c) speak
  • (d) talk

Section-4- High Order Thinking (HOT):

Q.15 Fill in the blank with suitable words given in the options:

I gave him a piece of ……

  • (a) advice
  • (b) advise
  • (c) advised
  • (d) none