Class-5th (Cyber) Olympiad - CANCO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Q.1 What was the name of first computer designed by Charles Babbage ?

  • (a) Analytical Engine
  • (b) Difference Engine
  • (c) Colossus
  • (d) ENIAC

Q.2 Dynamic and Static are types of which type of memory ?

  • (a) ROM
  • (b) CD-ROM
  • (c) RAM
  • (d) HDD

Q.3 To support multimedia, a computer should have __________.

  • (a) Microphone
  • (b) Speaker
  • (c) Sound card
  • (d) All of these

Q.4 Which of the following is not a font style ?

  • (a) Bold
  • (b) Italics
  • (c) Regular
  • (d) Superscript

Q.5 Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show ?

  • (a) jpg
  • (b) giv
  • (c) wav
  • (d) All of the above

Q.6 What is a firewall in a network ?

  • (a) It is the physical boundary of a network.
  • (b) A network operating system.
  • (c) A system preventing unauthorized access to a network.
  • (d) It is a web browsing software.

Q.7 These days digital televisions called iTVs lets viewers control what they see or take part in quizzes and games on their television. What does ā€˜iā€™ stand for in iTV ?

  • (a) Intelligent
  • (b) Interactive
  • (c) Internet
  • (d) Information

Q.8 The basic architecture of computer was developed by

  • (a) John Von Neumann
  • (b) Charles Babbage
  • (c) Blaise Pascal
  • (d) Garden Moore

Q.9 Which of the following is the CORRECT way to return to the first slide while delivering a presentation in MS-PowerPoint 2010 ?

(i) Press Shift + Page Down key

(ii) Home key

(iii) Click left and right button of mouse simultaneously for few seconds

  • (a) Only (i)
  • (b) Only (ii)
  • (c) Only (iii)
  • (d) Both (ii) and (iii)

Q.10 ________ is a set of rules for exchanging information over a network.

  • (a) Communication protocol
  • (b) Hardware
  • (c) Modem
  • (d) All of these

Q.11 Which of the following storage devices has storage capacity in terms of gigabytes and terabytes and contains moving parts ?

  • (a) CD
  • (b) Hard Drive
  • (c) Pendrive
  • (d) Floppy

Q.12 A computer network to share information within an organization is known as ___________.

  • (a) Internet
  • (b) Intranet
  • (c) Extranet
  • (d) None of these

Q.13 The physical range of Bluetooth devices is up to _________.

  • (a) 5 metres
  • (b) 60 metres
  • (c) 3 metres
  • (d) 10 metres

Q.14 Select the CORRECT match.

  • (a) Light Pen - Displays both text and graphics.
  • (b) VDU - Captures text and graphics directly into the computer.
  • (c) Label Printer - Transfers real picture or documents into computer generated file.
  • (d) Trackball - Cursor device used in laptops and notebook computers.

Q.15 Match the protocols given in Column-I with their uses given in Column-II.

Column-I Column-II
(a) NNTP (i) It allows transfer of files between two computers using simple network protocol.
(b) FTP (ii) It delivers web pages to web browser.
(c) HTTP (iii) It is used to deliver UseNet articles.

  • (a) (A)-(iii), (B)-(ii), (C)-(i)
  • (b) (A)-(ii), (B)-(i), (C)-(iii)
  • (c) (A)-(iii), (B)-(i), (C)-(ii)
  • (d) (A)-(i), (B)-(iii), (C)-(ii)

Q.15 Which of the following storage devices has storage capacity in terms of gigabytes and terabytes and contains moving parts?

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)